Basic information on Rainbow Association Malkus

General facts:
  • Rainbow Association Malkus was founded in 2014 to enhance the spiritual and mental wellbeing of people who belong to sexual and gender minorities.
  • The association is national and has activities in various parts of Finland and on the web. Some activities are international.
  • Since the beginning of the year 2015 Malkus has been a member of the Finnish central organization for sexual and gender minorities Seta.
  • The name Malkus originates from the Bible (John 18:10). It was first adopted by the Christian group of the Seta in Helsinki in the beginning of the 1980's. The name became established and was used also in other contexts than the group above. That is why it was a natural choice for the name of a national organization. At the time of the founding of the new association a Malkus concept was developed, to create a common base and to link together the different groups and other actors with the name Malkus. The concept is maintained by the association.
  • Despite its biblical name and the aim to enhance spiritual wellbeing the association is not bound to any spiritual or religious movement or doctrine. Its members belong to various denominations and religions and may practice their confessions and beliefs within the framework provided by the association.
  • Domestic activities: In Finland Malkus arranges various event both alone and with its partners, including:
    • Voimavaraksi (in English "Resource"), started in 2022, is a three year state funded project to enhance the spiritual and mental wellbeing of people who belong to sexual and gender minorities. The project continues the work of an earlier project called "From Burden to Resource" (2018-2021).
    • Malkus camps once a year have been a tradition since 1995. Today they are arranged by the association.
    • Discussion events
    • Freeform gatherings
    • Speed dating events
    • Participating in pride parades in various cities
  • Web activities: On its web site the association has a national event calendar in which the times and places of many kinds of events by various organizers are listed. There is a short description of each regular form of activity with contact information of the organizing party. On the web site there is also information on the association itself and a sizable international link library. In addition to the web site the association has a mailing list , a Facebook page , an Instagram account and a YouTube channel .
  • International activities: Malkus has cooperated with the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups in its Eastern European Partnership project, which supports rainbow Christian groups in Eastern Europe.
How to participate:
  • By applying for membership. Only private persons can become ordinary members. Support membership is open for organizations too. You can apply for membership by submitting an application via web form or via email to address Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen. . You can also contact the organizers in any event arranged by the association. The application will be processed in the next board meeting (that are held approximately once a month). As a member you can have your say on the decisions made by the annual meeting. You can also get discounts on the charges of events arranged by the association or other member organizations of Seta, for example Malkus camps.
  • By joining Malkus mailing list. You can join at the same time you become a member of the association or by giving your email address to the organizers of any event arranged by the association. After receiving an invitation to the list you must accept it by clicking the link in the message. On the list you get information on current issues and events and you can also post messages to the list yourself.
  • By participating in the arrangement of activities, either as a board member / deputy or as a different kind of volunteer. Board members are elected in the autumn meeting of the association. As a board member you can best affect the directions and activities of the association. It is also possible to participate in the activities without being a board member. Our aim is that everyone is able to do the type of volunteer work that suits the person best.
  • By donating money. As a member organization of Seta the association is entitled to using Seta's fundraising permit . You can donate to Seta's account FI21 8000 1571 0819 35 (Danske Bank) with reference number 500212. To get more information on donations see .

In any matter concerning the association please contact us by email to address Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen. .